PR Racing PRS1 V2/V3 Buggy Parts

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PR Racing PRS1 V2/V3 Buggy Parts

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PR31450016 - Diff Seal O-Rings
Diff seal o-rings x4 ..
PR65400016 - High Bit Arm Set "V3FM"
V3FM stock replacment arms... With much Higher bite racing surfaces, PR Racing has been hard at..
PR66400026 - F & R Arms
Complete Arm Set (Front and Rear) PRS1 and V2 ..
$12.99 $6.49
PR66400036 - Steering Linkage
Steering linkage for the PRS1 buggy plus more, "see pic" ..
PR66400046 - Caster Block, Rear Hub, Steering Spindle
Caster Block, Rear Hub and Steering Spindle Bundle pack ..
PR66400056 - Rear Chassis Brace
Rear Chassis Brace (Mid Motor) ..
PR66400066 - Rod Ends
Discontinued Replaced with part #'s 66400176 and 66400186 Hobby Pro buggy and truck shock ends..
PR66400086 - Rear Trans Case
PRS1 Rear Transmission Case ..
$9.99 $3.99
PR66400096 - Diff Gear Set
Complete Kevlar Gear Set Bundle Pack (Spur Gear, Idler Gear, Differential Gear ..
PR66400116 - Wing Mounts & Servo Mounts
Wing Mount for mid and rear motor configuration Plus servo mounts and other parts, SEE PIC ..
PR66400176 - Rod Ends
Tierod end set ..
PR66400186 - Shock Ends
Shock End Set ..
PR66400196 - Upper Shock Bushing
Upper shock bushing x4 ..
PR66400246 - Diff Nut
Stock Differential Nut Brass w/ Compostie Holders ..
PR66400256 - Wheel Set
PRS1 Buggy front and rear white wheels ..
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