PR Racing PRSB401 4wd buggy Parts

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PR Racing PRSB401 4wd buggy Parts

Here you will find the designated Hobby Pro 4wd parts, all other parts share with the PRS1 2wd and can be found under Hobby Pro PRS1 buggy parts

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PR17430066 - 1.6mm x3 Pistons
Pr Racing 1.6mm x3 hole shock pistons (4) ..
PR17430076 - 1.7mm x3 Pistons
Pr Racing 1.7mm x3 hole shock pistons (x4) ..
PR66400626 - F. Shock Bodies
Front Shock bodies for all PR Racing cars and trucks ..
PR66400636 - R. Shock Bodies
Rear shock bodies for all Pr racing rc cars and trucks ..
PR66400976 - Rear Wheels 2 or 4wd
Rear PRS1 buggy wheels "white" Fits the 2 and 4wd buggys Same as part #68400316 and 68400076 ..
PR66401086 - CVD Drive Axle Stub
CVD drive axle ends... Fits Hobby Pro ST1 Rear        Hobby Pro PRS1 Rear &..
$24.00 $14.99
PR66401206 - Yellow R. Rims
2wd or 4wd Buggy Rear Wheels Yellow ..
PR66401656 - Rear Shock Shaft 53mm
Rear Shock Shaft 2 and 4wd Buggy. 53mm long ..
PR66401666 - Front Shock Shafts
Front Shock Shaft 4wd Buggy ..
PR66401726 - Wing
2 or 4wd buggy wing 1.2mm thick ..
PR66402346 - SB401 Rear Alum. Hubs - Pre-Order ETA 6 Days
SB401 rear alum. hubs **Important note** If the new higher pin mount hole is to be used it is nec..
PR66402466 - Servo Horns
Low pro servo horns for the PR buggies 25T for Futuba, Highest, PowerHD  and 23T Sanwa, Spek..
PR66430080 - Emulsion Style  Shock Caps
These Shock Caps replace the aluminum caps which require bladders.  These shock caps have a ble..
PR66430090 - Bleeder Screws/ O-Rings
This hardware is exclusively for the use with the 66430080 Emulsion type shock caps, NO Bladder..
PR66480286 - Outdrive Cups
Machined Hardened Gear Differential Cups 2pc, Fits 2 and 4wd buggy gear diff ..
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