Sanwa M12S-RS 4-channel Transmitter w/ RX-482 Receiver - Pre Order ETA 10 Days

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Sanwa M12S-RS 4-channel Transmitter w/ RX-482 Receiver - Pre Order ETA 10 Days

Sanwa M12S-RS 4-channel Transmitter w/ RX-482 Receiver - Pre Order ETA 10 Days
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ÏBasic Performance, Response and Function same as M12S
ÏRacing Sport as additional Line-up
ÏMain difference from M12S
 ÏOffset Bracket   / Originally installed
 ÏSteering Spring  / Soft
 ÏBattery    / Dry Battery (AA Battery x 4)
 ÏBack Light  / Only White
 ÏEar-phone Jack / Deletion 
 ÏVibrator   / Deletion
Optional Items
 ÏSlant Bracket / Deletion
 ÏGrip                  / Deletion (Large & Small)
 ÏLarge Steering Wheel / Deletion
 ÏBreak Trigger Cover   / Deletion
 ÏTrigger Angle Spacer  / Deletion
 ÏSpring                       / Deletion
 ÏStrap Hook                / Deletion
 ÏHG Switch Harness    / Deletion
 ÏHex Wrench              / Deletion


M12S-RS Functions
ÏFSTN Large Full-dot LCD128x256 ÏSwitchabledriving positionLeft/Right ÏMenuSelection ÏBuilt-in Antenna 
ÏCar-type selection ÏCODE AUXÏCross Movement ÏModel Memory50 ÏModel Name14 Letters  
ÏModelSelect/Copy/Clear/Sort ÏRF ModeFH4T/FH3 ÏResponse ModeNOR/SHR/SSR ÏBind 
ÏServo Monitor ÏKeyAssignSW/TRIM/DIAL/LEVER ÏBuzzer ÏLCD Contrast ÏAUX TypeAUX/AUX1/AUX2  
ÏPoint AUX ÏMOA AUX Ï4WS AUX ÏTRIM Typecenter/parallel ÏBattery Alarm
ÏLogREC/RPM/VOLT/TLM1/TLM2THPoint/RX Mode ÏBootMenu ÏUser Name14 Letters ÏInformation 
ÏEPA ÏTRIM/SUBTRIM ÏServo Reverse ÏFail safeRadio wave/Battery ÏTimerLap/Interval1/Interval2  
ÏDual RateST/TH/BR ÏCurveEXP/ARC/CRV ÏPoint Curve ÏSpeed ÏALB ÏBR Mixing ÏTH HOLD 
ÏAckerman ST ÏC-MIX1/C-MIX2 ÏSafety Link ÏCustom Menu ÏDirect Model Select ÏTH Type ÏOffset
ÏCH Set ÏCalibration (ex-VR) : ST/TH/LEVER ÏMechanical Rudder Angle Adjustment




[SSL(SANWA Synchronized Link) Sysytem]
ÏWhen used with compatible RX-472, RX-482, Super Vortex Series, SV-Plus Series, the setting of ESC etc. by Transmitter is available through SSL functions while driving.
ÏSince the setting can be done without the stop of car, the detailed adjustment in accordance with Race conditions 
is available without interruption of Intervals and the change of machine conditions.

[Response of Telemetry System]
ÏIt is often said that telemetry system reduce response speed. However, SANWA Original Data Processing and Algorithm Design makes Telemetry possible without response speed reduction.
Our Excellent Telemetry System has no response speed reduction.
ÏWith our telemetry system, the precious race data will help the next race setting and driving.

[Response Mode] 
ÏPlease do not use Analog Servo for SHR mode or SSR mode.
If analog servo is used for SHR mode or SSR mode, the servo will be broken and will not work.
Digital servo (SRG series, Digital ERS series, SDX series) can be used both for NOR mode and SHR mode.
ÏSSR mode can be used only by SRG & PGS series servo.
ÏIn SHR or SSR mode, BL-FORCE, BL-SPORT, F3300, SBL-02 and SBL-03CR do not work.
Please use NOR mode for the above ESC.

[System Programming]
ÏûPC-LINK MANAGER3 for M12S Application Manual(PDF)
ÏûPC-LINK MANAGER3 for M12S Application Software(zip)
*Only for M12S
Please use PC-LINK MANAGER2 for M12/EXZES Z

ÏûProgramming Version Upgrade for M12S(Standard)ûûûûûûV301205(zip)
ÏûProgramming Version Upgrade for M12S(Germany)ûûûûV301306(zip)
ÏûProgramming Version Upgrade for M12S(Spanish)ûûûV301406(zip)
ÏûProgramming Version Upgrade for M12S(Japanese)ûûûûûV301506(zip)
;The above upgrade is only for M12S.
M12 or Exzes Z cannot be upgraded.

ÏûTEMP01_Super Vortex Zero(zip)
This is factory-programmed standard template. Please download here if you delete it.
ÏûTEMP02_Super Vortex Zero TypeD(zip)
This is factory-programmed standard template. Please download here if you delete it.
ÏûTEMP03_SGS-01C(CODE AUX2)(zip)
ÏûTEMP04_SGS-01D(CODE AUX2)(zip)
ÏûTEMP05_2R-MODE Quick Ô Mild(zip) 

Sanwa/ Airtronics Warranty

Sanwa products are warranted against manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship, at the original date of purchase. This warranty does not cover components worn by use or damage caused by improper voltage, tampering, modification, misuse, abuse, improper wiring, reverse polarity, moisture or using outside its intended scope of use. Terms of this warranty can vary by region. Please check the warranty terms included with your product for specific warranty information.

If your product is out of warranty and faulty you can request a repair estimate.

If you have a defective product or wish to request a repair please download and fill out the form below:

Then send the form and the defective product to:
Desoto Racing Returns 
5121 NW 79th Ave, Unit 3
Doral, Fl 33166

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