1/10th 2017 Caster V4 S10BS 4WD - pre-order ETA 14 Days

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1/10th 2017 Caster V4 S10BS 4WD - pre-order ETA 14 Days

1/10th 2017 Caster V4 S10BS 4WD - pre-order ETA 14 Days
1/10th 2017 Caster V4 S10BS 4WD - pre-order ETA 14 Days 1/10th 2017 Caster V4 S10BS 4WD - pre-order ETA 14 Days 1/10th 2017 Caster V4 S10BS 4WD - pre-order ETA 14 Days 1/10th 2017 Caster V4 S10BS 4WD - pre-order ETA 14 Days 1/10th 2017 Caster V4 S10BS 4WD - pre-order ETA 14 Days 1/10th 2017 Caster V4 S10BS 4WD - pre-order ETA 14 Days 1/10th 2017 Caster V4 S10BS 4WD - pre-order ETA 14 Days 1/10th 2017 Caster V4 S10BS 4WD - pre-order ETA 14 Days 1/10th 2017 Caster V4 S10BS 4WD - pre-order ETA 14 Days
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Crpplus likes to keep there kit inventory low as Caster is always improving things and we want to have the latest kits in stock..

The Caster S10B V4 has been Tailor Made for USA Style Tracks by USA Team Drivers.

This competition buggy provides unparalleled corner speed, Durability and Tuning Capabilities.

Caster Racing USA introduces the new and improved 2016 Edition of our S10B 4wd Buggy. We are always striving to improve our products and reach new limits with our quality and service. With this in mind, we've held nothing back with our ALL new 2016 Caster Racing S10B V4 4wd Kit. This years kit comes with the following additions and or changes which provides the user with an escalated and improved racing experience.


The V4 SI0B Kit includes over 20 new features.  V4 SI0B is lighter with stronger improvements for a better performance.  It comes with a single shorty battery tray design.  The chassis is almost 100g lighter than the previous version.


●  2-Piece Removable Motor Mount Design made with 6061 aluminum.


●  3-Piece Shock Body Design.  All Shock Bodies come with a hard coated surface for durability.


●  New Front and Rear Upper Deck that allows the Center Clutch to be removed with just 4 screws.


●  New Center Slipper Clutch Design with improved durability of the Center Shaft & Springs which are stronger and last longer.


●  New Front and Rear Upper Desk with new Flex Force design.


●  New Capture Rear Center CVD design.


●  Hard coated T6 Aluminum Chassis.


●  Improved Center Slipper Clutch System which allows the clutch to be adjusted without Center Clutch removal.


●  6061 Light weight aluminum designed Front Upper Arm Holder.


●  Improved Captured Center CVD that protects the pin loss from high speed rotation.


●  12 mm Light Weight 6061 aluminum Wheel Hex Adaptor.


●  Rear 6061 Aluminum Hub with a full array of adjustments for improved driving performance in all track conditions.


●  S4 Grade Hinge Pins for improved durability for use with Screw Type Hinge Pin System.


●  6061 Aluminum Steering C Hub for durability & added performance.


●  Left & right 6061 aluminum Steering Post for improved performance & high speed cornering.


●  New Front Gear Box support providing added protection from high speed impact.


●  6061 Aluminum Servo Holder for precise high speed handling.


●  Aluminum Steering Link for precision driving performance.


●  Hard Treated Drive Cup for improved durability for Brushless Powered Motors.


● Improved CVDs with our all new durability design.


●  Improved Center Slipper Clutch.


●  All new Turnbuckles.



(Tires are not included.)

  Loaded with 90% aluminum parts right out of the box, this kit includes most of the hop-ups a serious racer would ever need; the chassis, upper deck, shock towers, servo saver parts, steering arm, toe plates, c-hubs, steering blocks, rear hubs and center differential mounts are all aluminum! The kit also includes 13mm big bore threaded shock bodies, full ball bearings, a full CVD drive train and gear differentials front and rear; the gear boxes are also universal front and rear so you don't need to keep extra parts in your tool box. Lastly, the S10B pro features an updated CVD design adding strength and a retainer clip which captures the connecting pin in place.

 T6 Aircraft Aluminum Chassis

     The S10B features a CNC lightened T6 Aircraft Alloy Chassis with countersunk screws. As everyone now uses powerful
     brushless motors, weight isn't as important as strength is these days, so the Caster S10B is designed to be the toughest
     racing 10th scale 4x4 buggy available.
      4WD Shaft Drivetrain
     The S10B boasts a full roster of upgrade parts right out of the box. All the stressed parts that should be metal,
     are provided for you... plastic is only used where extra lightness or flexibility is required. CNC machining is
     used throughout the kit, everything fits as it should.  Weak ball diffs are not used in this Buggy, steel gears are
     found in both front and rear diffs, with a easily set slipper clutch in the center.
    Current Style Lexan Body
   A cab-forward body is provided to give some down force and keep you in style with the other guys... using 
  Japanese spec Lexan. As the S10B is a electric RC racer, it is environmentally friendly and comes with green
  decals to suit the image.
  Adjustable Slipper Clutch for Center Diff
  The clutch can be easily adjusted to suit your driving style, but it comes prebuilt with a setting that will work
  for most racers. The center diff gear is made with special light POM material from Germany, that will last for
  a long time... the gear is 80T with 48P, compatible with all 48P pinions. The center is made from five CNC
  machined T6 aircraft alloy parts, to withstand the strongest brushless powerplants.
  Weight Balance and Battery Layout
  The S10B is well balanced front to rear and side to side, using a single shorty pack. Correcting attitude in midair
  is easily done, as the buggy flies straight and level off properly built jumps. The alloy chassis is very forgiving
  of less than perfect landings, plus the suspension arms have some flexibility to survive all but the worst
  impacts. You can drive the S10B more aggressively than most 4x4 buggies and still finish in one piece.
  13mm BigBore V4 Shocks
  The shocks on the S10B are the largest currently available on a 1/10th scale buggy... bigger is definitely better
  when it comes to shocks. They come with alloy shock caps and strong 3.5mm shafts. Shocks assemble easily
  in the traditional method, using threaded bodies with high friction adjusting rings and different pistons are
  available for further fine tuning.
  T6 Aluminum C-Hub Steering
  The S10B uses the popular C-Hub style Steering system made with T6 alloy in both hub and steering blocks
  This is the best setup available for any 1/10 scale racer and should provide excellent durability and handling.
   It comes with a 3mm hinge pin hole and the pin has been heat treated for durability. The C-Hub has a 
   7 degree caster angle to match the kick-up in the chassis plate. 
 7075 Alloy Shock Towers
 Carbon Fiber shock towers have been tried on the S10B buggy, but with the extreme durability of the
 rest of the buggy, they were found to be the weak link. 7075 alloy offers a light, but tough tower that
 will bend a bit rather then crack or break, letting you have a good chance of finishing the race. CF
 towers are available through some aftermarket firms, should you feel you need them.
 Front and Rear Suspension
 The front and rear gearbox will interchange, reducing spare parts needed. Rear toe-in is preset at 2.5
 degrees and 2 and 3 degree mounts are available. The rear wing mounts to the shock tower and can be
 easily replaced if necessary. The suspension arms front and rear are very tough and a bit flexible to
 keep you in the race. The ball cups are some of the best around... they don't give up at any little bump
 in the road. They will come off to protect vital parts, but it takes an impressive crash to make it happen.
 Servo Saver and CVD Drive Shafts
 The servo saver is all T6 CNC alloy as is all the steering parts except for ball cups. No plastic parts to
 give up at the wrong time. The front and rear axles have been recently upgraded in size and made to use
 captured drive pins, making these among the strongest axles around. 
The Pro buggy Does not come with Tires
picture above is shown with optional wing

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